Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek - Mudel

SHOOT. Archery, a cultural heritage

This summer, Deinze will host Europe's largest archery festival, which will take place on 19, 20 and 21 August 2022. Deinze has a historical relationship with archery, with no less than five active archery guilds on its grounds, the oldest of which dates back to 1428. The exhibition covers the history of shooters from the establishment of the first shooters' guilds to the present day and illustrates shooters in all their facets: historical, religious, sporting and artistic. It is well worth a visit.



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mudel - Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek
Lucien Matthyslaan 3-5, 9800 Deinze


Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek